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  Glitz Celebrity Sunless Lotion, 10.1 oz | Fragrance: Fresh and Clean

Glitz Celebrity Sunless®
Golden Glow Self Tanner

Envision a clear blue sky with the sun shining down upon you and let GLITZ Celebrity Sunless lotion bring you there.

This innovative formula combines an immediate bronzer along with an advanced, odorless self tanning ingredient providing you with a long-lasting natural golden color, without the sun, that looks as good as a real tan.

Rich moisturizers along with vitamins A & E and a unique botanical blend of Green Tea and Kola extracts keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

Fresh & clean fragrance.

A gorgeous Bronze Body To Be Envied By All!

  Glitz Sunless Spray, 6 oz ORM-D | Fragrance: Fresh & Clean

PLAYBOY® GLITZ™ Celebrity Sunless™
A Red Carpet Fave! Two Minutes To Spray - Two Hours To See! Easy to apply sunless tanning spray leaves your skin with a soft, golden glow instantly while developing into a deeper, darker tan within 2-4 hours that last up to seven days.

This unique Playboy® formula will not interfere with natural or sun bed tanning and works great for touch ups after salon spray applications. Let's Keep This Our Little Secret!

  Playboy Daily Moisturizer, 22 oz | Fragrance: Fresh & Clean

PLAYBOY® Tan Extending Daily Moisturizer
Silky Smooth, Seductively Sexy!

A remarkable moisturizer formulated to extend the life of your tan while nourishing your skin for a more youthful, healthy glow. Exotic botanicals and essential oils drench your skin in healthy goodness while advanced tan extending accelerators continuously feed your skin to optimize your color providing long lasting results. A rich blend of Acai Berry, vitamins A, C & E, Aloe Vera and Panthenol help restore resiliency and elasticity for younger more beautiful skin! Deliciously fragrant touch of Kiwi, Honey Dew, Brandy Currant and soft Vanilla leaves your skin irresistible all day long.

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